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Welcome to Beer & Company

At Beer and Company we go into the world of beer, the people who brew it, how they do it and all things around it. We may delve into the tasting of our wonderful world of beers, but what we really want to get to grips with is the business behind it all.

At the time of writing this, iTunes is taking a look at the RSS feed we have set up for the podcast and it should be live around the 6th of November 2017. 

No-one here at Beer & Company has any experience in podcasting, but we are going to give it a damn shot and hope what we produce is really enjoyable for you when you are on your morning or afternoon commute, when you are working out or even washing the pots - whenever you really enjoy your podcasts.

Please support the podcast by remembering to subscribe, share on social media and go old school and simply speak about ti with all your wonderful mates.

Please be aware that we do occasionally swear, so be aware around childrens' ears. Might want to ask them why they are paying so much attention to beer mind you.

Jack Warren